A New Approach to Workforce Housing Development

This is the way to do it.

The city has the tools for fast-track approvals and the issuance of bonds. Private companies like mine can bring the technical expertise to design and manage these developments for cities who choose this approach.

From the piece:

“City staff is working on a plan that would have the city build and hold its own workforce housing.”

A link to the piece is found here

Workforce Training Incentives

As part of our comprehensive workforce housing program, we offer downpayment assistance to residents who complete their 2- or 4-year degrees. Scholarships only incentivize students to BEGIN their studies. Our program incentivizes students to FINISH their studies.

From the piece:

“Fewer than two-thirds of students complete college within six years, according to the National Center for Education Statistics – that includes nearly 40% of people who took out college loans between 2012 and 2017 didn’t finish after six years. And the default rate among those borrowers is three times as high as the rate for borrowers who did earn a diploma.”

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