Bob Hughes

Robert L. Hughes. Jr. has over thirty-five years of experience in the real estate services industry and is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Hughes Development Company (HDCO) and Universal Management Inc., (UMI), a minority owned property management and development firm in Kansas. Since 1968, HDCO and UMI, have developed, owned and managed a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio of office and commercial developments, HUD insured and assisted multifamily housing, single-family homes, and many other types of properties. UMI will provide management services to Buchanan’s Crossing Subdivision.

Mr. Hughes, through HDCO and its affiliates, regularly collaborates and partners with nonprofits, Community Development Corporations, State finance agencies (LIHTC), syndicators, housing authorities, HUD and private lenders in the acquisition, development and management of multi-family and single family housing. Mr Hughes also has extensive experience with a wide variety of layered financing programs and has administered the loans, grants and equity proceeds in the successful redevelopment of older properties. In addition to providing oversight for all major capital improvements at each rehabilitation site, HDCO has provided construction management for over $35 million in housing development and commercial improvement programs. This experience spans many decades and several thousand units located in ten mid-western and southern states.

Mr. Hughes believes in the benefits of revitalizing and strengthening of inner-city urban America and much of his company’s investment is in these locations, UMI works closely with local law enforcement, service providers, and community organizations and is proud of the strong relationships which help overcome economic barriers to meet residents’ social and economic needs while providing security to enhance the quality of their communities.

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