Affordable and Workforce Housing Defined

“Workforce housing” includes low-income housing (below 60% of Area Median Income), middle-income housing (60% to 120% of AMI), and luxury housing (above 120% of AMI).

“Affordable housing” refers to housing (low-income, middle-income AND luxury) that is priced above 30% of a family’s monthly income (including utilities).

We have BOTH a workforce housing problem as well as an affordable housing problem here in the United States. Both problems stem from onerous land use regulations and permitting requirements at the local level.

From the piece:

“Bushman started by talking about workforce housing. He emphasized that workforce housing developments in the area aren’t low-income housing, rather, they’re affordable places to live for the middle-class workers employed at places like Hitachi, Scholastic and Unilever.”

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