The Plight of the Workforce Housing Renter

About 30 percent of renters nationwide make too much to live in government-subsidized housing and not enough to live in newer market-rate housing. These families are often forced to live in older apartments with fewer amenities located on less-desirable areas.

This market segment includes police, firefighters, teachers, manufacturing & construction workers, health care workers, and administrative personnel – the people who make the world turn every single day.

It’s a shame that most municipalities have relegated these renters to inferior, dilapidated housing because they do not have the courage to build sufficient numbers of workforce housing units in their towns.

From the piece:

“It is with a heavy heart that I report to you all … (that) this means no tenants may move back into the apartments,” property manager Josh Mothner wrote in an email to residents on April 24. “You are going to have to find new places to live. I know this is tremendously difficult for everyone.”

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