Triple Bottom Line Development

We’re building a Triple Bottom Line product at Tartan Residential – bright green apartments targeting the underserved workforce housing market that generate attractive returns, are socially responsible, and are energy efficient. We’ve learned that spending a little more on energy efficiency generates huge future benefits, which can be monetized today as a gap-filling capital source.

It appears that the TBL Fund has figured this out as well!

From the piece:

“The Triple Bottom Line Foundation (TBL Fund), a CDFI founded in 2015 that’s part of the nonprofit social enterprise ICAST, serves small and mid-sized multifamily properties, such as apartment buildings, that house underserved groups, including low-income senior citizens, veterans, people with disabilities and other underserved groups. The organization funds sustainable retrofits on these properties, including weatherization upgrades, solar installations, and health and safety projects.”

A link to the piece is found here