How NOT to Make Housing More Affordable

“Economists from both the left and the right have a well-established aversion to rent control, arguing that such policies ignore the message of rising prices, which is to build more housing. Studies in San Francisco and elsewhere show that price caps often prompt landlords to abandon the rental business by converting their units to owner-occupied homes. “

Police Salaries in Charlotte, NC

Police officers are yet another profession that earn too much to live in affordable housing and too little to live in newer market rate apartments.

According to, the average Charlotte-area police salary currently stands at $44,540. This is 53% of the Charlotte-area median family income of $83,500. Assuming a rent qualification ratio of 30%, the average police officer can afford $1,113/month in rent. This is 25% below the typical rent for newer multifamily properties in the Charlotte area, forcing many police officers to move into older, less-desirable housing.,9_IM162_KO10,16.htm