HousingThink Podcast – Episode 13

Multifamily Building Systems was established to improve the energy efficiency of affordable and workforce housing. In this episode we hear from industry professionals about MBS’s strategy to optimize the performance of multifamily housing.

Introduction to Net Benefit Analysis: A New Way of Designing Workforce Housing

In this video we show how Tartan Residential and Multifamily Building Systems utilized Net Benefit Analysis to design and engineer a new family of garden apartment buildings serving the affordable and workforce housing market.

Why Is The Thermal Envelope So Important?

“When people are thinking about building a new house they generally work with an architect with a clear opinion on the style, size and rooms that will be a priority. But the most important issue every homeowner and architect should consider when building a new house is the thermal envelope and how the house will work as a system to limit the use of energy and water while also minimizing wasteful and toxic materials. This is an environmentally sound objective as well as a financial and comfort goal.”