Let’s Say ‘Yes In My Backyard’ To Fix Housing Woes

“Amid soaring housing costs, homelessness and environmental destruction, it’s time to do away with the exclusionary ‘not in my backyard’ (NIMBY) attitude and embrace a ‘yes in my backyard’ (YIMBY) approach that calls for dense, responsible development.”


HousingThink Podcast – Episode 4

Thom Amdur, the Executive Director & President of National Housing & Rehabilitation Association, joins Jeff Carroll and Doug Koch to discuss off-site construction, construction flexibility, and the future of developing affordable multifamily housing.

Where are the Republican YIMBYs?

This is a question I have been asking for years.

“People who want dynamism in housing markets and urban development ought of find common ground with Republicans, so why do there seem to be so few Republican YIMBYs? Nolan Gray of the Mercatus Center comments.”


Another Housing Provider Quits

“I no longer have any desire to be a housing provider in California. The politicians have beaten me down with their constant attacks on landlords. Because California has failed to produce enough housing to satisfy the increases in demand from the jobs created here, my fellow small property owners and I are now Public Enemy No. 1. The statewide rent control law passed last year, which comes on top of myriad local measures to regulate us, showed just how little our work is valued in this state…. The race toward the bottom has begun. Will anyone wake up to this? ”