Factory-Built Housing

I am glad to see that factory-built housing is making inroads into the affordable housing space.

From the piece:

“Though residential high-density construction units remain the most prevalent type of modular building, Vaughan Buckley, CEO at Volumetric Building Companies, a Philadelphia-based modular builder, noted a recent shift away from market-rate multifamily projects to affordable housing developments.

Affordable housing projects jumped from around 10% of VBC’s pipeline to about a 50% share over the past year, according to the company.”

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SIPs as Steppingstone to Modular

SIPs and modular both have their place in the market. Indeed, at some point modular manufacturers will begin to use R28 SIPs instead of traditional R13 exterior wall construction.

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Modular Construction in Affordable & Workforce Housing

“Building homes off-site can help speed up the time it takes to complete homes in areas of the country that face extreme weather, Lawrence said, as the initial construction process takes place inside and away from the elements. It’s also more efficient in the sense that workers build the homes in an assembly line approach versus starting from scratch at each job site. Economies of scale not only reduce material costs, but they can also reduce waste generated during construction, Lawrence added. “

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SIPs vs Modular: Transportation Costs and R-Values

Transportation costs for modular are as much as 30 times higher than for SIPs. And SIPs deliver an R28 exterior wall while modular delivers R13. The combined reduction in transportation costs and monetized energy savings make SIPs – in many, but not all cases – a very good choice.

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HousingThink Podcast – Episode 4

Thom Amdur, the Executive Director & President of National Housing & Rehabilitation Association, joins Jeff Carroll and Doug Koch to discuss off-site construction, construction flexibility, and the future of developing affordable multifamily housing.

Modular Construction in Multifamily

“While modular construction still only accounts for nearly 5 percent of all commercial construction, multifamily is the fastest-growing segment within the industry, according to research by the Modular Building Institute. In 2017, MBI found that manufacturers built a little more than 1,100 modular apartment units in the U.S. In 2018, that number more than doubled to 2,300 units.”